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Alba Rosales, Dluhe Grefty

Product Info

Region: Mutěnice, Czech Republic

Vintage: 2019

Grapes: Gewurtztraminer, Pinot Gris & Pinot Blanc

Wine type: Orange

Alcohol: 12%

About: Dluhe Grefty (Dluhe – long, greft – a word from an old dialect in Mutěnice meaning “vineyard row”) Jaroslav Tesařík and his family are taking care of 2.5 hectares in Mutenice. The mission is to find the terroir of Mutenice village. They work on 8 different small plots where all treatments are done organically. This cuvée has 3 weeks of skin contact and is aged in oak barrels.

Incredibly floral orange wine with a beautiful amber color and bitter fruit finish.