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Dope, Claus Preisinger

Product Info

Region: Austria, Burgenland

Vintage: 2020

Grapes: Blaufränkisch

Wine type: Rosé

Alcohol: 12%

About: As impressive as Claus' track record has been since the start, his wines truly advanced around 10 years ago with his early-stage experimentation in the cellar (Claus was one of the first to use Georgian Qvevris and then continued to experiment with vessels from Spain, Italy and even China). His hands-off approach in the winemaking was combined with a naturally occurring earlier harvest and a search for freshness rarely seen in the area before.

Short maceration of whole bunches and then pressed into amphora. Aged in amphora for 8 months and then bottled.  Raspberries, low in tannins and acidity with a hint of effervescence and a bit of funk.