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Ryšák, Jaroslav Osicka

Product Info

Region: Moravia, Czech Repulic

Vintage: 2020

Grapes: Pinot Gris & Pinot Noir

Wine type: Rosé

Alcohol: 12.5%

About: Jaroslav Osička Winery is a small 3-hectare family winery based in Velké Bílovice in Moravia. Jaroslav is a true maverick of natural winemaking in the country. His style of winemaking is unique and one of the only ones to be doing it with respect and a keen sense of understanding from wines of the Jura in France. Having said that, even though he is inspired by those flavours and characteristics of Jura wines, his wines are far from being “copy cat”, rather they have a deep sense of place and belonging to Moravia.

Ryšák translates as “ginger”, now distincly Czech is it's own category, not quite an orange and not quite a rosé, it could be from any mix of grapes in any proportion!

This particular ryšák tastes of strwaberries and cream with a nice silky texture.